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Super Mario 2-Yoshis Island
by Fabian Gross

Free Yoshi's kids - plenty of nice levels

Free Yoshi's kids and punish Bowser in this nice German Mario game
The first levels are one-screen levels, the later ones are are much bigger and are real platformers.
Good sound and unique graphics.

Plenty of levels in 6 worlds:
1st world: Someone has kidnapped the Yoshi's babies. Mario has to free them all.
2nd world: There still some kids left in the mountains to liberate.
3rd world: And now free the stolen children in the snowy world
4th world: Play with Yoshi in a grimy world...
5th world: There are still two stolen eggs left to find
6th world: Mario want to punish Bowser, the kidnapper for what he has done and enters his castle...

Each time you finish a world, you get a password, so that you later can restart from this world.
I finished all 6 worlds, maybe even 100 levels, I don't know, so I have all the passwords. If you want to cheat, you can find them in our forum.

Arrows = move and duck
Shift = jump
F2 = new game
Ctrl+P = pause
Ctrl+M = music on/off
Ctrl+S = sound on/off
Alt+F4 = exit game

Game Size: 1.07 Mb


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